Incident Handling

This form is to be used to report all incidents; ie. hazards; near misses; antisocial behaviour and incidents involving injury, damage or potential damage/harm to people, property or business, which may be personally witnessed or reported/complained about by a tenant or visitor. This report should be completed within 4 hours of the incident and lodged on the day of occurrence to the centre’s property manager, by fax or e-mail. All incidents involving or likely to involve injury to people or significant damage to property or the environment should be reported by phone or mobile (after hours).
We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for visitors and workers. Eliminating risk of harm to people, property and business is our highest priority. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure all hazards, areas of risk, incidents, complaints, antisocial behaviour, accidents and near misses are reported, recorded and investigated to aid risk management and incident mitigation.
Reporting Procedure
This procedure is prepared to assist with the reporting and dealing with incidents within the common, public access areas of our properties, under our or our agent’s management.
What is an Incident
An incident for the purposes of this procedure includes any occurrence that leads to or might lead to:

  • Injury;
  • Danger or illness to people; and/or
  • Damage to property or the environment.
Dealing with an Incident
An incident may be; a near miss, a hazard, unsafe practice, undesirable impact on customer service, complaint, antisocial behaviour, or an injury. All incidents must be reported to assist us to take immediate action to eliminate the risk of injury, further injury or harm.
Dealing with an Injury
When dealing with an injury;

  • All appropriate action must be taken to ensure the safety and comfort of the injured person(s). There should be no hesitation in summoning emergency (fire, ambulance, police), health, first aid or security services if believed required or requested of the injured person.
  • Obtain the name and contact details of the injured person/s.
  • Obtain details of the incident. (What happened? How did it happen?) Make observations about the injured person and the likely cause. Take photos of the surrounding areas.
  • Obtain the name and contact details of witness(es). Ask for details of the incident. (What happened? How did it happen?)
  • Check and obtain a copy of any CCTV coverage of the incident.
  • Complete an incident report at the earliest convenience, while the details are still fresh.
  • Report the incident to us using the Incident Report form. Also by phone.

What to say, what not to say;

  • It is okay to say sorry, something like; “I’m sorry you slipped/tripped, how may I be of assistance …”. This is not an admission of guilt, blame or liability. It is simply an expression of empathy.
  • You should not say what you believed the fault to be, regardless of who you think or what you think is at fault. You should be as helpful as possible and assist in the care and comfort of the injured person(s).
  • Do not make immediate comment regarding reimbursement of costs or compensation. This will require consideration. Exchange contact details with the injured party, if possible. This issue should be discussed between the property manager and shopping centre management and will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • You can advise that the matter will be reported and investigated. You can mention that evidence (if it exists), such as CCTV and witness statements, will examined.
  • Do not provide the injured person with a copy of the completed incident report.
Dealing with all Incidents (including Injuries)
When dealing with all incidents and following any injury;

  • All endeavours must be taken to remove the risk. This can be done by; highlighting the area of danger/risk to others, or physically removing the risk (cleaning up, dispose of the cause).
  • An incident report form must be completed and reported.
  • Take photos of hazard or place of incident.
Incident Investigation and Remedial Action
The shopping centre owners will manage incident investigation in collaboration with the appropriate property manager. Remedial action, risk mitigation will be managed through and with the assistance of local property managers.
The property manager, in consultation with the shopping centre owners, will liaise directly with the injured party as appropriate. The shopping centre owners wish to minimise damage claims arising from incidents, it is therefore paramount that property managers report incidents promptly and consult closely in regards to the handling of the incident and communication to the injured party(ies).
Head Office will maintain an incident database for the purpose of risk evaluation and management.
Reporting Incidents
Incidents should be documented and reported within 4 hours by telephone and completion of the Incident Report form, fax or e-mail to the below contact details.